Stihl Conference Logo Illustration

Stihl are leaders in pro garden and power tools. We were approached to create the “With Stihl You Can” conference logo.

The client already had an idea of what they wanted and needed us to bring it to life. They provided us with a rough sketch of a man lying back in his landscaped garden chair enjoying the fruits of his labour, beer by his side. The scene was encapsulated in a binocular frame with the logo on the right.

Original Client Sketch for Stihl Conference Logo
Original Client Sketch

Phase 1

Initial Sketch

Building on the client’s original idea we put together a rough fleshed out sketch.

Rough Sketch of Stihl Conference Logo
Initial Fleshed Out Sketch

Once the initial sketch was complete we moved on to a colour sketch. We created two variations, one with black outlines and one with coloured outlines. These were sent to the client for approval. They chose the black outline version and gave the go ahead for final vector illustration. 

Phase 2

Colour Sketches

Phase 3

Vector Illustration

With Stihl You Can Conference Logo Illustration
The final approved logo

The final version of the logo was created in Adobe Illustrator. The client loved it and we were very happy with the end result! A small, but very enjoyable project.

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