Visual Insights Character Design

Visual Insights is an Australian based company that provides services and training programs that help organisations evaluate and strengthen their teams and processes in order to increase their effectiveness and impact.
The founder and Director, Dr. Samantha Abbato, approached Robotoon to develop some new characters to use in their training collateral. They were currently using stick figure illustrations for their training material, but wanted to increase their effectiveness with some engaging characters.
Stick Figure Walking over Evaluation Training Disc
Example of the existing character style

The Brief

Design the main bee and dog characters.

Design two generic secondary characters.

Illustrate a number of scenes using the new characters.

Phase 1

Designing the Main Characters

The two main characters were the evaluation practitioner “bee” and the evaluation leader “working dog”. They needed to be fun, yet professional. We started with some research and sketches to come up with a duo that would work well together.

The Final Main Characters

Visual Insights Dog Character Design

Phase 2

Design Secondary "Generic Characters

Using the dog as a base, the next task was to design two generic characters that would represent the group being led by the main “working dog”. We agreed to keep them quite basic so it was easy to distinguish between the main characters and these generic characters.
Sketch of a generic dog jumping off a diving board

This stage of the project was relatively quick as we’d already designed the main dog character as a base, so it was a process of simplifying the details and colour.

Phase 3

Designing Character Scenes

Now that we had the base characters it was time to create the scenes to be used in the training material. The gallery below shows a selection of the many scenes that were created, including a few sketches.

Client Testimonial

I have worked with many talented and good people over the years, but only a handful of truly exceptional ones. There is no question that Rob Lee is in the latter category. To say that Rob is gifted at his craft of character illustration is an understatement. And with Rob, this uncommon gift is paired with remarkable communication skills, honesty, transparency, and humility.

The cartooning project Rob is enabling has been in my head for several years. As an adult trainer and organisational change agent, I have long imagined these characters assisting me in communicating concepts with clients in a fun but meaningful way. From the moment I engaged Rob, I felt utterly heard, at ease, and quickly aware that some magic was happening. The process of Rob creating the characters from my visuals and descriptions was smooth and seamless.

Because of the time difference between England and Australia, I would provide communication and feedback at the end of my workday. Then by the morning, I would see the result provided by someone closely attuned to the overall brief and specific feedback.

Through this partnership with Rob, I have been able to focus on and enjoy the process of creating and communicating with characters that have come alive for me, my business, and my clients. I look forward to our continued working relationship and the magic I know will happen along the way. I trust that the outcomes will take care of themselves! There are very few people I would recommend more highly. Thanks Rob.


We continue to work with Visual Insights on a regular basis to develop new scenes and they couldn’t be happier with their new mascots!

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